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Joining us in September? Read our 2021 Welcome Newsletter and meet everyone else over on the Discord

Welcome Week 2022

Hello everyone! We hope you’ve had a great Fresher’s Week and are looking forward to starting all of your modules next week. Firstly, congratulations! Congratulations to all of the new First Years, new Masters students, new PhD students and to all of our returning members coming back after the summer 🎉 CSS has got lots of plans and we’re keen to get every one of you involved in something fun and interesting to you. As ever, the best places to find out about our activities are Discord, Instagram and Facebook. We’d especially recommend joining the Discord to meet new people and chat with all the rest of us CS students.

Welcome Week

As you can see from this calendar, it’s been a super busy week and we’ve got a busy one to come. We started the week on Tuesday with a board games night hosted in the CS building of course, in true CSS style with free pizza and free drinks. Over the course of the evening, we had over 200 people coming to play games and meet new people, consuming 63 pizzas in the process. Thanks to everyone who came along, it was a really great night and it was so good to meet new and old friends.

Also last week, but on Wednesday, we went on our annual pilgrimage to Ming Moon, a Chinese buffet in the city centre. With over 100 attendees feasting and having fun, it was a great time and the food hygiene rating was higher than we thought!

Next week

You might think that as we move into the semester proper, CSS would be slowing down our events - but in fact, we’re just getting started!

Next week, we have:

CS Societies Night (26th September 7pm)

CSS Cream Tea (28th September 1pm)

CS Pub Night (30th September 7pm)

Join the committee!

If you’ve enjoyed all the events that CSS has put on, or have really enjoyed the vibe of the Discord server, please know that the Committee has tried very hard to make the best events possible. In fact, if you think you have what it takes to do exactly that - our October EGM is the time to start! An EGM, or an Extraordinary General Meeting, is a coming together of the members of CSS to discuss changes to our constitution, provide updates on the whole society and (most importantly) allow our members the chance to run for positions on the Committee. At this EGM, we’re going to be electing people for the positions of First Year Rep and PGT Rep, replacing our current interim reps. As they are representative roles, you must be a First Year or PGT to run for the respective positions. You’ll need to represent the views of your peer group to the committee as well as helping out running all of our events, chipping in with risk assessments, publicity and planning. The EGM is scheduled for Wednesday the 26th of October and is a great chance to get your voice heard in the organisation of CSS.

There’s more to come

Finally, a peek at our other upcoming events over the next year!

We’ll have our annual Hallowe’en Quiz - hosted as ever by Jacob, CSS Quizmaster in the CS Building which will be decorated in the spookiest of ways. We also have our larger annual members-only events - the Christmas Meal and the CSS Ball - so be sure to keep an eye out for information on those as we near Christmas and the end of the year (and make sure you’ve joined the society by purchasing a membership!)

We’ll also have a whole host of technical workshops that we’re quietly working on in the background. From open source software to web development and Git, we hope you join us for those to learn some awesome new skills.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of these, make sure to follow us on all of our social media, from Instagram to Facebook but, most importantly of all, join our Discord server to keep up with everyone else in the society <3