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Joining us in September? Read our 2021 Welcome Newsletter and meet everyone else over on the Discord

Freshers Welcome 2021

Hello there! 👋

First of all, massive congrats on getting your place at UoB! We’re really looking forward to meeting you. As well as becoming a member of the School of Computer Science, you can also join societies like CSS to make your time here even better.

What is CSS? 🧑‍💻

We’re the Computer Science Society, one of the departmental societies here in the School of CS. We run lots of awesome events throughout the year, and they’re all organised by students. The majority of our members are studying CS, so it’s a brilliant way to make new friends.

Over the last few years we’ve run tonnes of fun events, from social events like coffee breaks, online quizzes, and trips to Winterbourne House and Gardens; to tech and careers events like Industrial Tech Talks, CV Workshops, and Lightning Talks. Every year we also put on a few big celebration events like a Christmas Meal, CSS Ball and Summer BBQ. We’re always looking for more ideas, so if you’ve got an event in mind then let us know and get involved!

Why should I join CSS? 🤔💭

We run the department’s largest (and best😉) online community in our Discord server! Here you’ll meet and make friends with everyone in CS, from other new students like you, to people who’ve been here for years. This is also where we run online events, share advice, discuss the course and spam memes. There’s something for everyone!

Join the CSS Discord now and get the most out of your time in CS:

By becoming a member of CSS you’ll be supporting the society and help us run exciting events to give you the best uni experience. You’ll also get access to our big ticketed events like the CSS Ball; collect a variety of TeX stickers; and get access to exclusive CSS merch. TeX, our purple dino mascot. You’ll see a lot more of them throughout the year.

What can I do in Freshers’ Week? 🥳

Freshers’ Week (20th-24th September) will be the perfect opportunity for you to kick off your time at university and we’re working hard to organise some awesome events for you. Keep your eyes on our social media and our events calendar.

How do I find out more? 💻

Join us on Discord:

Follow us on social media @cssbham: Facebook Instagram Twitter

Become a member: (once you get your University email account)

See you in September!

Likkan Chung, CSS President