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AGM 2020: Chair's and Treasurer's Reports

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of disruption worldwide to everybody, CSS included. Usually we would hold our Committee Elections in March as part of our Annual General Meeting. The AGM was planned to take place on Tuesday 17th March 2020. We were aware that due to the impending restrictions which would come, many society members may have already travelled home or would not want to meet at an event. Therefore, we decided to postpone the meeting until such a time we could hold a meeting and election in such a way that it would be fair and inclusive.

In the regular AGM, we would give a report of the year from the President and Treasurer as outlined in our Constitution. As we are now holding our Elections online, we are also publishing these reports online. The Reports below outline what CSS has done since the current committee were elected in Spring 2019 and a summary of our financial position.

The Reports

Review of the Year from the President

Cristian Calauz, President 2019-20

"This year has been full, for both committee and members. We have strived to improve upon last year and make sure that our members will benefit from a whole array of events and opportunities, and in turn they will pride themselves with us.

This year we have managed to reach 280 members, the biggest number we have ever had. We ran over 60 events, from workshops to socials to talks to sports, and if the circumstances were different, even more events would have been held. We started the year as usual, with a whole week focused on the freshers. We ran multiple social events including the yearly pub night, to make sure that the first years will adapt to the new environment, and ease into the university social life. This year saw the introduction of the Student Developer Club, where multiple workshops have been held during the year to help our members pick up many useful skills, and improve their abilities in multiple areas of Computer Science. And as we have tried to do each year, we have held sport events, to improve the teamwork and physical wellbeing of our members. We have also tried to increase the collaboration between the societies of the university, and have achieved that by running joint events with societies such as AFNOM, oSTEM, GDS, StartUp Society and Calligraphy Society.

In the first semester we hosted Tech Talks, workshops, held social events, board game nights and attended hackathons. This year we have attended HackTheMidlands again, where many great projects have been conceived by our members, and we hope that the tradition will continue and CSS will continue giving their best in the following years! We have also hosted a few events with our sponsors. Kainos, our main sponsor for the year, has run an Office Visit, where 30 members discovered what working in an office means, and what clients ask of a Software Engineer. After the training sessions, Kainos has also prepared for us a table tennis tournament and an escape room. IBM Q was an one time sponsor, and helped us organise a series of workshops and then a hackathon about Quantum Computing. Over 120 students have joined us in discovering Qiskit, and how Quantum Computing is developing the future.

Two of the most notable social events were the yearly ones: the Halloween Pub Quiz and the Christmas Meal. The Halloween Pub Quiz saw over 100 students and staff coming together to test their wits in a quiz, and compete in a costume competition. For the Christmas Meal, 86 members have joined us to celebrate the joyous occasion and enjoy a wonderful meal with their university friends, before leaving home for the holidays.

During the second semester we have held more events aimed towards the discovery of the cultures of our members. We have held a Lunar New Year Lantern Making event, an International Film Night, and a Balkanic Spring Celebration Bracelet Making event.

Our last big event was the annual CSS Ball, the biggest one yet, in which 130 attendees have come together to celebrate the end of another successful year and party with their peers, maybe for the last time as a student.

In conclusion, this year was record breaking (like most of the past years), and we are proud of keeping the tradition of pushing ourselves to new heights each year. We know our members are as proud of the society as the committee is, due to the great engagement we have seen during the year, and the great number of people standing up to take a role in this amazing society!"

Financial Report from the Treasurer

Stefan Nedelcu, Treasurer 2019-20

"Overall, 2019/20 was a fruitful year during which our resources enabled us to organise no fewer than 60 events, to provide refreshments and snacks when needed and to keep offering free T-shirts for members. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our sponsors, IBM and Kainos, as well as to our members, whose contributions were indispensable for our activity. We would also like to thank the School of Computer Science for covering some of our expenses for the joint events.

Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in, several transactions still need to be processed. However, those accounted for, we are proudly announcing the CSS will finish the academic year with a positive net balance. Looking forward, we hope to reach more sponsorship agreements and to secure grants from the Guild of Students for our future special events.

Transaction Details (including pending transactions) Credit / Debit
Ball Expenses -£3,087.26
T-shirts -£1,260.00
Refreshments and snacks -£1,176.91
Pizza -£952.55
Stickers and Flyers -£167.79
Sticker Design -£60.00
Sports Events -£51.50
Memberships £1,191.67
Sponsorships £1,833.33
Ball Tickets £3,250.00
Net -£491.01

Initial Balance £591.85
Net Income/Loss -£491.01
Carried Forward £100.84

The Committee Elections

Ballots are now open for the Committee Elections 2020. You can view the list of candidates for each position and vote on the Guild website. Remember that in order to be able to vote, you must be a full member of CSS (i.e. you have purchased membership via. the Guild Website). Voting will continue until this Wednesday 29th April, when they close at 16:00 BST, so make sure you get your vote in!

For each position there may be multiple candidates, and you can also vote for RON (Re-open nominations) if you feel no candidates are suitable. Voting is a single transferable vote (the same as the Guild Elections), where votes are redistributed until one candidate reaches the required number of votes. Once the voting closes, CSS will be given the results in the following week and we will aim to announce these as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or complaints about the elections please contact the current Committee, or you can email the Guild directly at or call 0121 251 2428.

Good luck to all of the candidates!