Joining us in September? Read our 2021 Welcome Newsletter and meet everyone else over on the Discord

Hello, and welcome to the Developer Student Club at the University of Birmingham!

We're really proud to be part of a a new, worldwide initiative, lead by Google! Throughout the year, we're going to be running developer clubs, with talks, workshops, mini-hackathons, and anything else that you guys want.

The idea of the program is to try and link the theory that we learn at uni, with the practical skills required in the real world. So, during our sessions, we're going to be using industry-standard tools, common APIs, and a whole variety of different technologies to build awesome real-world projects that can go on a CV or portfolio.

Essentially, we're here to help you out, so if there's anything that you think we should run, then contact us!


Here you can see a list of some of our previous epic projects/workshops that we've had!

Discord Bot Workshop & Botathon

Following the growing success of our Discord server, we ran 2 related Discord Bot events.

Discord Bot Workshop

On Friday evening, we gave members a crash course on all things, giving them all the tools they needed to make a discord bot themselves. We also recorded an online version for people who couldn’t attend in person.

Discord Botathon

On the Saturday, we ran a 5 hour Discord Bot Hackathon with teams making their own bot using knowledge from the day before. The winners won a Raspberry Pi Zero each, but everyone was the real winners as we all got plenty of pizza.

Python Workshop

After an 18-month gap of not being able to hold in person events, we were eager to get back into things with more workshops.

We kicked off with a Python Workshop early in 2021, specifically aimed at students who hadn’t used Python before.

The workshop covered everything from the basics of how python works, inputs, data structures, and of course the traditional β€œHello World!” Resources are available here.

Google Hashcode

We hosted a Google Hashcode Hub to encourage and help people take part in Google’s global coding competition! It was massively successful, attracting many students from across all years of study.

Despite some livestreaming difficulties, everyone had a fantastic time playing with the problem, some teams coming fairly close to the finalists πŸŽ‰

Android Workshop

Will ran a fantastic introduction to Android app development with Java, covering all the basics that make mobile apps tick 🎊.

During the workshop, we explored setting up a development environment, creating a basic guessing game app, and previewing it in the Android emulator.

Docker Workshop

Justin ran a fantastic workshop as an intro to docker, a fantastic tool to help manage deployments of software! πŸ‘

We covered all the essentials, from what containers actually are, to running them, and building our own images and playing around on Katacoda! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Git Workshop

Justin and Will hosted the β€œGit Bit”, an introduction to the best VCS out there πŸ₯°

In the workshop, we covered everything from making a first commit, all the way to resolving some merge conflicts πŸŽ‰ At the end, everyone signed the guestbook by forking the repo and making a Pull Request!